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Asyncdata & Fetch


fetch() hook is used when you need to 'fetch' contextual data for the store especially for a specific page, such as search results or filtered dataset.

To continue with the example above, let's fetch all 'posts' written by a user. Let's fill the store with posts on the same dynamic route where we set the user detail using asyncData above.

// pages/_id.vue
fetch ( {store, params} ) {
  console.log('fetch called')
  return store.dispatch('getPosts', params.id)

We'll be working in store/index.js to setup getPosts action and a mutation to set posts for an active user of the page.

// store/index.js
state: {
  posts: []
actions: {
  getPosts ({ commit }, userId) {
    return this.$axiosClient.getData('/posts?userId='+userId)
      .then( response => {
         commit('setCurrentUserPosts', response.data)
mutations: {
  setCurrentUserPosts: (state, posts) => {
    state.posts = posts