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Nuxt Server Init


Create mutation, setUsers, in the same store which will accept and set users.

// store/index.js
mutations: {
   setUsers: (state, users) => {
     state.users = users

Add more functionality in nuxtServerInit by using $axiosClient plugin to get users data. And finally commit the mutation.

// store/index.js
nuxtServerInit (vuexContext, nuxtContext) {
  console.log('nuxtServerInit called')
  return nuxtContext.app.$axiosClient.getData('users')
     .then(response => {
        console.log('Total Users from nuxtServerInit - ' + response.data.length)
        nuxtContext.store.commit('setUsers', response.data)

When accessed localhost:3000, you should see two things happen, Console message with total-users-count from nuxtServerInit() in the Terminal and state.users variable showing all 10 users in Chrome Dev Tool.